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About Us

Who We Are...

We are a professional playlist placement agency that currently works with over 50 top rated Spotify playlist curators who all have verified real and active followings ranging anywhere from 4k to well over 30k followers. We do not own any of the playlist within our network. All of the playlist are owned and operated by their respected curator.

What We Do...

We simply pitch your song(s) on your behalf to our network of over 50 curators to be reviewed. Once your song(s) hit the pool, curators will begin to review and either accept or reject your record(s). Your music will remain in the pool until it is accepted by the total number of playlist ordered. All order are usually placed within 24-72 hours.

How We Do It...

We have built and maintained relationships within the music industry over the past 2 decades to be able to offer these real, organic, playlist placements on top channels throughout the world. Primarily working with major record labels in the past, with the shift into the digital world! We decided to open up our platform to you!


I was dead in the water until I promoted through The Playlisting Company. Sometimes we gotta put the music right in their face cause it won't just stand out by itself. You gotta plug yourself into the same arena they at!!

- Cokeezy

I enjoy the service you guys gave me, and the conversation in the DM made me feel like I have gained a new friend, not just a business partner. I definitely suggest and recommend using their services if you want your music to be heard.

- Charlie_Lyrics

I believe using this service gave Grizzley the go it needed. It hasn't stopped going up since using y'all services!



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